EV Charging

EV Charging at Venue Cymru

The Chargers are 22Kw AC type. The power of charge is determined by the on-board charger of your vehicle. You will need your own charge cable with ‘Type 2’ connector.

Charging prices are shown in the App.

Once charge is complete, please remove your vehicle to a standard parking space and Pay and Display.

Vehicles parked in these spaces but not charging are subject to the car park parking restrictions as displayed on signage near the Pay and Display machines.

Please be considerate to other EV users.

To operate the EV Chargers

  • Scan the QR code or download/open the “Tap Electric” App on your smart device.
  • Locate the correct charger on the app (Left or Right)
  • Plug in your vehicle to the charger with a “Type 2” Connector
  • Press “Start Charging” on the app.
  • Press “Stop Charging” on the app when you’re finished
  • Unlock your vehicle, unplug the charging cable from the vehicle first and then the charger
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