Sennheiser MobileConnect Assistive Listening

Sennheiser MobileConnect is an innovative new system that allows users to listen to a live feed of stage performances via headphones, a neck loop or compatible hearing aids from anywhere within the auditorium.

Step-by-Step Guide for Using Sennheiser MobileConnect at Venue Cymru

1. Connect to the Venue Cymru Wi-Fi network.

2. Download the "Sennheiser Mobile Connect App" from either the Apple App Store or Google Playstore (free of charge).

3. Launch the MobileConnect App on your device.

4. Scan the ‘Clyw // Hearing’ QR code (please ask a member of staff)

5. Select the ‘Clyw // Hearing’ channel

6. Listen through wired headphones, a neck loop or connect via Bluetooth.

Alternatively, you can borrow a ready-configured device and/or headphones or a neck loop. Please speak to a member of staff who will assist you with this.

Enjoy the performance!

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