Stories from the Stars

The sky at night is a storybook, full of Myths and Legends.

Join Writer & Storyteller Gillian Brownson as she explores these stories from the stars, some from Wales and some from further a field, but all captivating as they twinkle above in the night sky.

The Welsh Myths, with Welsh dialogue/songs:

The Lady in Red (Gemini) - Saturday 20 March

Suitable for Families with children age 5+ | Story told in English with Welsh dialogue

Run time: 8 minutes  | Abduction Themes | Origin: Wales 

This story, originally found in the Mabinogion, takes us into the otherworldly Annwn, as we follow two men’s battle for the hand of the beautiful Creiddylad, the lady in red. The two men fight still in the night sky when Gemini is visible. 


The Horned Oxen (Taurus) - Saturday 27 March  

Suitable for Families with children age 7+ | Story told in English with Welsh Dialogue and Welsh Folk Songs. 

Run Time: 12 minutes | Monsters Themes | Death Themes | Origin: Wales  The origins of the characters in this story are associated with the ancient Book of Taliesin, though the story itself originated much later. It  tells of how the people of the Conwy Valley defeated the troublesome Afanc with Hu Gadarn’s mighty Oxen, one of which can be seen still in the Taurus Constellation. 


The International Myths are: 

Andromeda / The Chained Lady (Andromeda Constellation) Saturday, 3 April 

Suitable for families with children age 7+  | Story told in English 

Run Time 8 minutes  | Monsters & Incarceration Themes | Origin: Greece

Originating in Greece, this story is one of the most famous of greek legends depicted in the night sky. Containing some of Greek mythology’s most iconic characters, join Perseus as he seeks to rescue Andromeda from a great Sea Monster. 


The Big Dipper - The Story of the Great Bear (Navajo) - Saturday 10 April

Suitable for families with children age 7+  | Story Told in English 

Run time: 11 minutes | Hunting Themes | Origin: North America 

Originally told in the Native American villages along the Oswego river, this story follows the pursuit of the illusive and troublesome Great Bear, whose hunters can still be seen chasing him through the Big Dipper constellation. 

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