The Night Sky Show

The Night Sky Show

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An entertaining evening for those who look up and wonder... The universe has never been so much fun!

Using amazing visual effects. The Night Sky Show will take you on an epic journey across the cosmos from our celestial back yard.

A show for anyone with a slight interest or more in the night sky. A night for anyone who wants to laugh, learn and enjoy.

A fun, entertaining and memorable performance, which will help you understand and enjoy the heavens above and beyond.

A show for all without heavy going science or hard to follow explanations. Science fiction and science fact are combined and presented in an entertaining and easily absorbed way.



A spectacular theatrical experience for all. A journey around the constellations, stars, planets and more. With entertaining tours, stories, and the endless possibilities of our future with the night sky and beyond.

Presented by Adrian West - A passionate and experienced astronomer, presenter and author. Better known as VirtualAstro on social media. He has one of the largest independent astronomy and space accounts on Twitter.

Adrian has written astronomy and space related articles for popular online science magazines and more recently, his new book - The Secret World of Stargazing. He has also written guides and articles for the BBC, Met Office and National Trust to name a few.

If you look up and wonder, The Night Sky Show is for you.

Prepare for something awesome